My name is Magnus Rasmussen and I am a Videographer, Photographer and Multimedia Designer

Engaged in the realm of graphic design, digital production, videography, and photography for numerous years, my journey encompasses both professional roles within marketing teams and freelance endeavors. My expertise primarily centers around the art of enhancing photos, creating digital assets, refining videos, and capturing stunning imagery. Yet, I’m currently delving into the exciting realms of special effects, 2D animation, sound manipulation, and the creative universe of web development and design.
I am currently enrolled into a virtual college class on Online Advertising & Social Media with the University of Maryland, in order to refresh my skills in Digital Marketing.
Recent years have witnessed my daily immersion in premier programs like Premier Pro and Photoshop, as well as navigating the intricate landscape of Lightroom. Armed with my trusty Nikon D850 DSLR camera and commanding the skies as a proficient drone pilot with the DJI Mavic Pro (1-3), I’ve honed my craft. Beyond that, I venture into uncharted territory, experimenting with various editing software, all while embracing the art of storytelling through the written word. My toolkit includes an array of impressive special effects techniques, including the mystical “green screen” or chroma key, masterful element manipulation, and the power to conjure captivating soundscapes.